There are two beautiful spiders parked outside of my house. One has a nice, safe place on the cedar bush, I noticed her first. I'll name her Evilyn. The other, i'll call Anansi,unfortunately has situated herself above my front door. She's out of the way, except maybe to tall people, and even so it would sort of be hard to disturb her. But I could imagine the trauma that would be involved in the case a human does accidentally bump into her web. The web is chock full of insect treats and I do know the icky feeling of running into one of those.

Anansi is a beautiful, golden cream hued spider, about the size of a quarter. If it were a little more bright outside, I'd take a photograph. Maybe on the weekend, if she's still around, I'll think of putting her somewhere safe. Right now, I'm not going to bother. Spiders are harmless, and in certain mythologies, brings good luck to a household.

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