I have to admit, it's a little strange being home. And it's a little strange hearing from people how worried and scared they had been for me. As I always tell people, all I did was fall asleep, and when I woke up, I was okay. I guess I missed the more uglier moments, and I don't know how to take that.

People who go through near death experiences usually say something to the effect of how this has changed their life. Mine is certainly changed, but I still feel like myself. I still have the same worries, desires, etc. as I did before all this happened. I'm happy to be alive, certainly, but I'm not about to go dancing up and down the streets or make concerted efforts to “make the most of my life”. I try to make the most of my life everyday. Everyone should whether they've nearly died or not.

It's still a little tricky moving around the house. I still get a little tired after doing simple things like making food or going up and down the stairs. The trick is to listen to my body and not to push myself too hard. The boy's been around all weekend to help me out and it's been really nice just having him there. Even if it's just to watch him play GTA: San Andreas or to wake up next to him each morning with his arms around me.

I was happy to get out a bit too. On Saturday, we watched “Saw”, which I thought was a pretty frikken cool movie. Sunday, we went out to dinner at Kelsey's. I've never been more glad to be back in St. Catharines. Did I mention, extended hospital stays suck.

I can feel my muscles coming back. It's the same feeling a day after a workout when your limbs feel a little stiff and a bit sore, so maybe this is a good thing. I've been taking in protein shakes to supplement my meals. My appetite is still not all there yet, but I do try to eat, knowing it's the best way for me to recover.

Anyway, i'm sure all this is boring. :) I'm going to go wash my hair now.

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