I think, in terms of recovery, that a good benchmark is not having to take long naps after everytime I need to go out for any length of time. As it is, I've taken no naps or rest breaks today, unless you count vegging out in front of the computer a 'rest break'. Days like these, I'm so happy that I was a pretty healthy chick before all this started. I'm not sure if I would have bounced back so well if I hadn't been concious of taking care of myself (not that I was a serious health-freak or anything like that).

And of course, I'm a total new age hippy, in that I believe I had a wealth of positive energy from everyone's thoughts and prayers that helped me come back. It's a very nice thought.

Speaking of positive energy, I haven't thanked in LJ for the beautiful flowers that came to my door the other day. And I also got cards from and . Thank you very much. (Rick your card was hilarious and I'm pretty sure the doctors said all of that to me at a point)

Today, I played Halo 2, got my digital cable set up, and had a veggie Quizno's sub with the boy. I visited my new doctor who told me to get some blood tests done (fun, fun, fun!), and went to the Ministry of Health to get my missing health card replaced, and then I cabbed home. Like I said, I don't feel like resting yet, and that's a good sign that my energy level is getting back to normal.

Tonight, I'm taking it easy with the boy over at his place. It should be nice (it's always nice).

Tomorrow, I'm having a party at our pub (The Red Hot Chilli Pepper, 1 St. Paul St., St. Catharines at 6PM if anyone is interested, no really come out and see me!) to celebrate coming home as well as it being my birthday. Isn't it neat that I could still celebrate those?

Blah blah blah blah blah.

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