I just got home from getting a blood test and a vacuum cleaner. Neither events are related.

I had a really nice birthday weekend. The party on Friday was great… I got a few gifts which really surprised me so it was neat. After the pub, a bunch of us headed out to Kelsey's where the boy ( for those who are curious and/or want to add to their friends lists) bought me a yummy apple strudel dessert. During my hospital stay when I couldn't eat, I was craving apple pie for some reason, and the strudel did nicely.

The weekend was mostly spent relaxing, and watching the dude run over innocent pedestrians in GTA. It's actually a pretty fun game to just watch, believe it or not, though I don't think I'd ever play it. But after I spend some time exorcising the sentient dustballs in my bedroom, I may get back to Halo 2 violence, or crash, or both.

It's lunch time, and I need eats.

Ciao folks. :D

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