Currently I'm on a quest for wicked BD-friendly music, and surfing around through band sites and their links, I've been finding some pretty excellent stuff. I'm trying to go through my music and finding a good combo of tunes to make a mixed CD, just because I feel like it. (And yes, I still listen to synthpop :p) If anyone has any recommendations outside of the popular, by all means, comment.

It's snowing outside, which is pretty nice but not so nice at the same time. I've always loved first snow. But I still haven't completely conquered my legs yet so walking around on potentially slippery surfaces is sort of daunting. I'm sure I'll be okay as long as there are no flash freezes and no one makes me run.

If all goes well and my doctor, whom i should be visiting today, tells me that I can, I should be back at work next Monday. I could easily take another week off, but then again, why should I? I've been away too long, and I really need to catch up. And frankly, though I'll regret saying this in a month or so, there's not much I can do at home other than be a homebody and play Halo 2, and I'm kinda bored. I just need to feel connected again. I hate playing the invalid. I really, really do.

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