Somewhere along the way, I got to thinking about how I have this sort of “life” on teh intarweb that's sort of seperate from the “real life”, even though logically we know that places like the LJ-verse are completely dependent on our so called real lives. I know some people like to exaggerate, or embellish or live completely different personas and i find it interesting how simple it is to hide behind a screen. Those who've never met me “IRL” or have met me casually, must have a perception of me from what I'm writing here and it may or may not be correct. I remember a conversation way back when with who said it was just easier to introduce people and eachother with our LJ handles rather than our real names. I'm weirded out (not by that conversation per se) by the internet seeping out into the outside world but i guess it's just becoming more common every day. Something to get used to, I guess.

In the real life, I'm back from work, and may i mention again it's my first day back after a two month long hiatus. The day began with me excited and feeling a little strange as people would come by and say their “I'm glad to see you back” and “How are you feeling now?” greetings. It's still cool and overwhelming about how many people have been thinking about me and were genuinely happy to see me healthy and okay. By the end of the day, things felt routine again and it felt as though I've never left, though we'll see how that goes when I actually have real work to do.

This past weekend was terrific. I spent all of it with the boy, but we did get to hang out and be nostalgiac with old friends on Saturday which was really neat. Sunday he took me shopping for a winter coat. I have two coats that are good for deep winter and I have several garments that are good for fall, but nothing really styling for inbetween. I'm easily reminded that I could totally be a shopping whore and it is pretty nifty to have a boyfriend who'll hold your crap for you while you try stuff on. I guess that's just another reason why I love him. (mush, mush, mush, I know, I know, we're soooo that couple, so STFU) :)

Right now, I'm marinating tofu slices and portabella mushrooms in soy and garlic sauce (mmmmmm) to be sauteed later and served with pilaf. It'll be ready in an hour or two. In the meantime I need to veg out or something. Reading two months worth of documents and playing around with new software all day is surprisingly tiring, or maybe it's just me.

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