I spent some of the night, well, maybe a good portion of the night trying to fix my blog site. I've pretty much resigned myself to having lost two years worth of blogging. It's archived, and I'm sure if I wanted to spend a lot of time, I could resurrect some of those posts, but my blog was hardly read anyway, so why bother?

I bought the boyfriend a Nintendo DS for his birthday. When one depends solely on their significant other for their mode of transportation, especially when he knows your mobility is limited, I tell you sneaking around and trying to figure out what to get for him was a bit of a difficult task. I gave it to him last night after his birthday dinner, and I think he liked it. ;)

Which pleases me, because I'm neurotic when it comes to buying presents.

The rest of the weekend (spent with the boy of course) was really nice, despite some fucked up work related issues. I'm hoping it will pass, but these things still manage to piss me off, and I'm powerless to do anything about it. I'd like to say that these are the problems that come up when you work in this industry, but it's really no comfort. All I could say is that it's lame and it sucks.

Anyway, I'm off to bed soon. I have to wake up early to get back to Hamilton for an appointment at the hospital. I really can't wait for all my health problems to cycle through and I can get back to being normal again. Still, I don't think I'd trade in the experience.

Nite all. :)

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