I'm back from the weekend trip up north to meet the boy's parents, as detailed in the last exciting chapter of the Chronicles of BD. The trip up was a Christmas story in itself, braving bad traffic, blinding snowsqualls, small locking-the-key-in-the-running-car mishaps, grizzly bears and Frostmane headhunters to eventually reach Christmas joy and cheer with his family. It was really nice, and I had a very fun time. :)

And as I've mentioned before, I'm neurotic about buying presents, so I was happy that he and his folks enjoyed my presents, (though he did help pick out the ones for his folks).

It's really nice doing the family thing. Hopefully mine won't be all over the place when I take time out of my World of Warcraft schedule to visit them this week.

Anyway, enough of this Xmas pap! Hope you guys had a fun one.

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