Would you believe me if I told you I'm still alive? And I'd be shocked as hell if people had kept me on their friends list. It's funny how a year can go by when you're so immersed in a motherfucking game (World of Warcraft, oh yes). I think events of the past few weeks or so had sort of jump shocked me into seriously thinking of quitting, maybe cold turkey even, and actually doing other things that don't involve taking a raid of 40 other players and bringing down a dungeon for countless hours. The problem: I love this game, and I love playing it. However, the politics of it suck. Oh yes. Drama. Fun fun!

Things at work seem to be going alright. I've been transferred to a new department where hopefully I'll be given more responsibilities. I've determined this year that I will take my job a little more seriously and put some authority into my work. God knows this is by far more important than the shit i have to deal with in the goddamn game. Tonight, I may go out for drinks. Though honestly, the guild might be doing the end boss tonight and there's this sword that he drops…

Anyway, I'm still here.

<3 BD

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