I'm pretty emotionally stressed out right now, and with the emotional, comes along the physical. I hate getting headaches. Especially those kind of headaches that pulse right behind your eyes. I want to be in bed, asleep under the duvet. I want to not have responsibilities.

It's getting to a desperate point where I need to find myself again. Or at least find the time to do that. It took less than a weekend for me to get the house in order, where was that energy and drive all year? And now it's September, and my New Year's resolution has utterly failed.

Ah well, I'm looking forward to more resolutions.

There are things about me… well, i just don't know why I do it to myself. Maybe i'm inherently a selfish person where things need to go my way or else! And then I say things I know I regret and then live with the consequences.

Anyway, enough about me being emo. I'm hungry and I crave fat green pimento stuffed olives.

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