Psyching myself up for work today… today's a big one. And psyching myself up for work this weekend. Not real work, but work around the house.

Last weekend, I was so proud of myself. I washed up all the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen, and dining room. I scoured the stove. You could lick the stove top after I was done with it, that's how good a job I did. I did some reorganizing, found some extra shelves for storage. I got rid of everything that was piling up on top of my dining table, and I mopped, so you can walk around in your bare feet now. :)

What more, I vacuumed the cat hair off the sofas, organized my DVDs and put more stuff away in the living room.

For most sane people, people take their cleanliness for granted. I admit, I am lazy and sloppy and I procrastinate. So these things pile up. I will not do this again. All this week, I managed to keep the kitchen tidy, the cat hair vacuumed off the couches (yay handvacs). I would throw things away instead of dropping them on the floor. (I don't mean food or anything gross, I just mean plastic bags, wrappers, boxes stuff like that that I would often just kick to the corner).

And this weekend, the frenzy will continue.

The target: the foyer, and the bedroom and possibly the yard.

You know, I bought a nifty Ikea dresser like two months ago that I still haven't put together. And my bed is still broken, so I'm going to need to fix that. Don't ask, and no, it's not as sexy as you think.

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