I just got a 'talk' from my art director telling me mildly that I do need to get into work a few minutes earlier. He's right, I'm an assistant lead and I should be responsible. The schedule says I need to be here at 10am, that means I'm not just getting into the parking lot at 10am, that means I shouldn't be strolling into my cubicle at 10:05 am… that means I just need to fucking get myself out of bed fifteen minutes earlier at the least. I'm so upset at myself. I don't know why I can't just force myself out of bed at 9am like a normal individual. I'm know I'm not a morning person and no one really looks forward to going to work, but I can at least not hide under the duvet until the very last minute before I have to rush off to get to work in time.

It's dark and rainy outside. I don't really feel like getting up to go get lunch, but I guess I should eat. :p What I'm working now is actually pretty neat, so I don't want to pull myself away. Of course, I say this as I update my LJ… lol, at least i'm not in denial about my procrastination issues.

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