I'm in the middle of doing an insane ton of laundry. Last weekend, I promised myself that I'd clean up my bedroom and foyer. We got to mowing the front lawn and getting some garbage out, but i didn't do anything substantial other than get a lot of rest. Rest is nice, lately.

The boy has been away since last Wednesday visiting his family and I just got home this morning. I returned the rental car, took an hour long nap (mmm duvet), and then got to work on the bedroom. I have no idea how bad my room got. There's clothes everywhere. And junk food wrappers. So I've managed to do 3 big loads of much needed laundry. I'm not even sure half the clothes I'm washing are dirty. They were on the floor, so I just threw them all into the hamper and into the wash. I'm piling them back on the bed as they get cleaned and when I've done enough loads, I'm folding them.

Then I'll see if I can't put together the Ikea dresser I bought months ago. :)

It's kind of a pain in the ass, but in a weird way, being all domestic is kinda fun. There always seems to be something to do, though.

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