Warning, nerdy emo post!

Last night I went to bed at 3am. It’s a work night, and I didn’t mean to lose any sleep. However, my World of Warcraft guild which I have been essentially a part of since April of 2005 is breaking up. We had a very long conversation among the officers in our ventrillo chat regarding the future of the guild and how things are going to be addressed now. The specifics of it do not matter. All I can say was that politics and miscommunication created a rift between the members. That rift won’t be repaired and I’m not going to spend any more time stitching it together.

This is interesting.. I was so stressed out about the whole situation. I still am, to be honest. Sure, it’s just an MMO, but when you dedicate so much time to it, with the developers making it clear that this is a social game, you become attached not only to the game, but the game goals and the people you play with. So when drama happens… and never gets fixed, wounds form in the social tapestry and those can’t be repaired. Not this late into the game, where most of the hardcore players are already experiencing burnout and desires to return to the RL (like myself).

Last night, I faced a debate. I could opt to return as the guild master, and rebuild the guild, or I can walk away. As much as I found myself caring for the guild, and knowing that I would miss the people here, i think that I’ve opted to walk away. Tonight we scheduled a guild meeting (I was going to be online anyway) in which I’m going to see how the situation works out. I think the guild is at an impasse and the damage is irreparable. I’m not even sure how this happened exactly. But it’s been an interesting experience.

I’m not tearful sad about the whole thing.. well admittedly I am a little… all things must end after all. But I kind of hoped that a guild I helped create and build would become a legacy guild on this server. As things are right now, it doesn’t seem that way. It’s too bad though, we’ve done so well.

Ah well.

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