I have a new reason why I don't get out of bed before 9AM. While the duvet is warm and the sheets are still soft, and everything is blissful and comfortable, I've taken to leaving the TV on when I go to bed at time. This way, when I wake up, something catches my attention. Debbie Travis' Facelift is on at 8AM, and though i know I should probably get up while they're painting and taking down walls or putting up walls, I'm pretty much glued to it. Since these are episodes I've never seen before, I always want to stay until the end to catch the homeowner's reaction when Debbie jumps out from behind a plant and surprises them with a home deco makeover.

Hello, I'm an HGTV nerd, and I'm proud of it.

Speaking of HGTV surprise makeover shows, Debbie Travis is the ONLY home deco icon who's allowed inside my house. EVER.

I have a plan for the deco of the house, and it'll work providing some elements need to get fixed, or replaced completely. I just need the time, and I need the money to do it all, but it's very slowly coming together. All the junk in the driveway should be going out sometime today or soon at least. I'm really happy about that. The “junk” was trash from the old deck, from cupboards we took down, and various other yard crap I have never bothered to remove myself. So all this junk accumulated for months which was pretty embarassing. I don't think I ever had it in me to just remove everything myself and because it's been sitting there, it's been getting more gory with every week. Everytime I walked by, the sheer ugliness of it all just got me pissed off and emo about it. Never mind what the neighbours might have thought about me.

This morning, I brought a whole bunch of stuff off the porch and onto the driveway. These included a set of old chairs that my mom dumped off on me when I first moved into the house. The chairs are most likely antique, but they're ugly and the upholstery is worn. There was a camping matress too that I had been meaning to cart off to a second hand shop like Value Village myself, but I never did and it was just standing up there pissing me off. That went on the driveway too.

So except for the recycling boxes, the porch is cleared. Every piece of crap on the driveway is going out with the help of a junk service. I fully expect to be paying lots of money for all this, but it's worth it if I never have to see the junk again. The garbage was eating my soul. It wrenched at the pit of my stomach like a knife. It shrouded my heart and my thoughts. Yes, the garbage in my driveway is worth goth poetry!

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