The boyfriend comes home tomorrow. He's been away for almost three weeks now visiting his family. At first, he left because his father was very sick and back in the hospital. He passed away soon after. I'm pretty sad, not just for my friend. I liked talking to him and listening to his stories. He was a good man with a good heart and I wish we got to know eachother better. At least I'm assured that he was very fond of me.

I miss having the boy around, but I got used to living by myself again, if only for a little while. Unfortunately, I had spent too much time hanging out in WoW because of guild issues (ugh) so of course, a lot of things that i had intended to do, I managed to leave to the last minute.

I'm so happy the trash in the driveway is gone. Did I mention that?

This weekend, I cleaned up my porch, trimmed the old sagging climbing rose along the side of the house, and bought two pumpkins that I'll carve up next weekend. I also painstakingly put the Ikea dresser I bought over a month ago (I kept hurting myself in the process). What I didn't get to do, was rearrange and tidy the bedroom to fit the dresser. I have to vacuum the stairs and foyer (anyone have any non-shedding cats they'd like to trade?) and tidy up the dining room and kitchen. Yeah, that's me, I live like a pig. :p

The cats are telling me that their litter needs to be changed, so I guess i'll do that tonight. Yeah, they do tell me. They take turns meowing at me. When it's clean, they're a bit more quiet. I think they're cute like that but it's not fun at like 4 in the morning and their howling outside your door. If I can finish up everything I need to do tonight, I'll have a nice, warm, neat house for the boy to come home to and relax.

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