I honestly have no energy this morning. I spent all last night tidying up and did manage to get to bed at a decent hour. I had breakfast this morning too. So my lack of energy will just have to be explained away by various excuses; blame the changing of the seasons, blame the energy drink I had at 2 in the afternoon the day before, blame having the TV on all night, blame the quality of the caffeine in your coffee this morning…

I hope it picks up soon though. Being tired won't lead to a productive day, and a non-productive day tends to go by achingly slow. I'm expecting the boy home tonight, and I can't help but be excited. :)

Some days I honestly feel like I'm falling apart. Besides the lack of energy, I'm trying to curb an onslaught of carpal tunnel by paying attention to the positioning of my wrists when I'm working and playing. It also seems like every scar on my body (well at least the big ones) feel like being prickly. That's uncomfortable. These are the scars I got two years ago from having a near-fatal encounter with meningitis (meningococcal septicaemia, fun times!). Where several people die from this disease, and many survivors are left with amputated limbs and extremies, or blindness, or deafness, or brain damage, I managed to get away with just a lot of scarring, and a bit of numbness in my foot (it feels like my foot is constantly asleep, hehe neat eh?). I shouldn't whine about it as much as I do, because clearly, it could have been a lot worse. The prickling sometimes feels like things stabbing you with needles. Not fun. :p

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