The man has “consensual” sex with a 15 year old, and he's caught, and of course tried for sexual abuse, as well, he's exiled to Canada (lol St. Catharines of all places too). I've no real opinion about this guy or this case, (except i think he's a jerk) I don't think he poses a big danger, and I can't help thinking how many guys are sending this dude psychic high-fives.

– “Why was this guy exiled to Canada?”
– “He had sex with one of his 15 year old students”
– “Awwwww yeah…”

Where it's common to see humourous media depictions of old fart teachers being seduced by hot blonde teenage cheerleaders, please don't tell me that having sex with teenagers is as damaging to society as some people make it out to be.

(I guess i should add the tongue-in-cheek disclaimer before people start thinking i'm pro-pedo :p )

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