I've got the project bug going on. I just brought my laptop to bed with me, trying to think of something new to do. I just remembered though that I dislike using the touchpad. It doesn't feel as intuitive as a mouse does. It's interesting, the things one becomes used to.

I just finished uploading and installing a custom PHPBB forum template for my guild's website. Customizing forums are a pain in the ass. The worse part is dealing with all the little forum icons and buttons. And of course, being an artist, you get stuck on the design along the way. I'm not sure I'm 100% happy with the forum, but I figure anything is better than PhPBB's default white template.

Now, I want to integrate LJ into my website. I've had a blog on my personal site that was seperate from my LJ for the longest time. I recently broke it trying to update the software. I'm figuring I might as well use LJ on my site now, as it seems fairly easy enough to just plug it in seamlessly. So now I'm thinking of designs for it. I really don't want to redesign my entire site, I just don't have the time for it right now, but the idea of doing something with my weblog gets me going.

It's late and i need to get some sleep. I have a lot of things to do at work tomorrow and i need to be my best.

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