Delicious new beverage: Watermelon smirnoff twist.

I just had one of those tonight, and i'm now feeling lethargic and heavy lidded. I've been feeling pretty sucky all week. I think I'm going to blame hormones for that. I missed a few months of my birth control pills and now I'm back on it. I'm not sure that's a healthy thing or not, but i guess it's better than having unplanned babies.

So, yeah, i've been grumpy and depressed this week. Fortunately, I've been getting a lot of work done, and I think it looks good too. Of course, as an artist, everything I do is purely subjective, but the feedback is looking good. As always, the final product will be very interesting.

It feels like the season's hardly changed. I'm waiting for the bite of winter, but the air is still comforting and warm. And it deceptively smells like spring. It's the rain on fresh earth that brings back the “spring” memories. I wish it would snow. I've always liked it when it snows, I don't know why. It gets cold, the sidewalks get slushy, it's harder to bike anywhere. Still, it's pretty.

The boy is coming home tomorrow. Indulge me some sentimentality, but i can't wait to be in his arms again. Maybe having him here will lighten my mood just a little bit.

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