I've beeen following the story of James Kim who is still missing after his wife and two daughters were found alive and well yesterday morning. Prior to that, they had been missing in the Oregon wilds for 9 days. James is a senior editor at CNET, a site I go to regularly when I'm looking up toys I wish I had.

I hope they find James alive and in good shape. They think he is, and though it's nice to be optimistic like that, being outside in the cold for that long has got to be incredibly trying. I've always been attracted to stories about the triumph of the human spirit, so I'm hoping to see good news on CNET soon. I'm more so piqued about this story because James is a fellow nerd and tech junkie and the inner nerd in me is sending out vibes, cheering him on. Go geek, go!

On the other hand, it's so depressing that despite all the tech we surround ourselves with, it would probably do us a lick of good when the signals can't reach, and when the batteries run out. The Kims resorted to the basics to survive eventually. However, insignificant it might be, a cell phone ping pinpointed the phone company to the area where the Kims were eventually found. So I guess in some situations, it might not be so dire.

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