I came home late last night and zoned out in front of the telly, switching back and forth between HGTV and A&E. I caught a bit of CNN's report on James Kim and dozed off for a bit while they were talking about Mary Cheney's pregnancy. Some idiot 'family-first!' robot woman kept spouting about how the magic formula for well brought up children is a mother and a father.

NO YOU FUCKING FOOL i nearly screamed at the television. I wanted to slap this bitch in the face if she thought the world was that simple. Where I'm hearing stories every day of violent child abuse in two parent (mom and dad) homes, of little girls being sexually victimized by their heterosexual fathers while their mothers turned a blind eye, or where the high standards of a strict, wealthy, right wing homes still don't stop their kids from underage drinking or drug abuse. What the fuck good is having both a mother and father if the love isn't there. (this will bring me to another rant of another day about people having children they are incapable of loving)

You know what the magic formula is? GOOD HOMES. Children that are loved, never neglected, guided and well fed. Do not give me this bullshit that two people of the same gender aren't capable of the same kind of love and care for a child that a hetero couple can give. What's the difference? That daddy has a penis? Well, now. You give your child a good home, you'll get good people. People who think in black and white… well they don't seem to think well at all.

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