I am totally getting into the swing of being sans-wheels. Though I am spoiled, and I can still take advantage of the boy's ride when he comes to visit on weekends, in the meantime, I am car free, and I'm almost liking it. It takes a little bit longer for me to get anywhere. Some days it's cold. But for the most part, I'm getting used to walking to work, the big grocery store is only a ten minute walk away, and if I really wanted to I can take the bus, or call a cab. The latter two are somewhat unreliable. The buses only run every hour in the evening, and if you're off synch with their schedule, you can end up missing it by a minute and having to wait another hour for the next one. And cabs in this city just outright suck. It's not exactly the easiest city to travel through, so no wonder it seems the norm that everyone owns a car.

Not me! I am digging on the fact that I'm saving a lot of money on the cost of a vehicle, plus insurance, and gas fees. The cost of a car could fix my bathroom and kitchen! I'm loving that walking everywhere is a bit healthier and for a girl who's constantly in front of the computer, the walk to and from work really helps unwind the brain and circulate the system. And the boho in me is completely all over the fact that I'm reducing my footprint on the earth.

As a matter of fact, since I've reduced sugar and caffeine from the food I eat (I think I started nearly two weeks ago), I've been generally feeling better. At the least, i don't feel like falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon, and I think I'm managing to focus a little better on whatever task is in front of me. I've also been getting up and out of bed earlier too, to give me some time to mentally prepare for the day ahead of me.

Healthwise, I don't think I've felt this “good” since before getting meningitis two years ago. Makes you wonder what great things one can accomplish now. :)

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