Mad caps is probably the coolest retail shop in downtown St. Kits, if only for their funky window displays that always manage to cheer me up whenever I walk by on my way to get lunch. Today, I ventured in for the first time, an idea in my head to get my 3 year old nephew something funky for Xmas (and I really hope my sister and brother-in-law aren't reading this right now!). I took a look around and dug on so many of the hats they had on display. If I hadn't just purchased a freaking Emily Strange kitty ear toque last weekend, I would have bought one of their adorable kitty eared hats for myself. That and the fact that I really like the hat I already bought, even though it is Emily (anti-Emily here, boo hiss!) kept me from shelling any money out for yet another kitty ear knit hat. They had other styles of toques and poor boy caps which made me think that people don't wear hats as often as they should. I think if everyone owned and wore a silly hat, the world would be a better place

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