Hmmm. Diet works.

The good mood and happy vibes I was swinging on earlier on this week has started to fade away. Again with the same old crap… i can't keep focused, I'm tired, and I generally feel like a heavy, lump of poo (without the stinky).

So I did some analyzing. I had been very stringent with my eating habits all last week, except for the dessert and wine I had at my boyfriend's birthday party and at the company Christmas party (which I followed up on by spending Sunday drinking a lot of water). I've been trying to buy alot of organic products and even picked up fruit! I'm not really a fruit person. My theory is that if I can reduce my intake of refine sugar and over-chemically processed foods, that I can clear out my system and in general make me feel better. And I thought it was working. Sooo, naturally I did what anyone would when they put themselves on a diet. I cheated.

I had a bottle of some Smirnoff vodka cooler on Wednesday night, before bed. I slacked off on the water. The next morning, though I wasn't hung over, I was feeling tired and listless all day. I hadn't done any grocery shopping, so breakfast was practically nonexistent the next day. I didn't drink as much water as I should, and I might have drank a few too many cups of green tea (non-decaf). Yesterday, I didn't eat much at all, drank very little water and kept snacking on leftover hallowe'en candy. Today I just feel gross. I went to bed late, and woke up with a headache.

Tonight and tomorrow, I'm getting back on the wagon (is it on the wagon, or off the wagon? /Seinfeld). I'm stopping off at the grocery store tonight to make sure I have some good eats. I'm really not sure I can help the sugar craving. I reached for the Smirnoff coolers in the fridge, not necessarily because they were alcholic, but because they were sweet drinks, and I've been such a pop junkie before I decided to cut it out of my life entirely. If I just wanted alcohol, I could have mixed vodka with some orange juice or just drank some wine. I can see sugar addiction being a problem for me, to a point where one day i'm just gonna binge like it's nothing.

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