This past weekend was spent helping the boy move some essential furniture out of my house and into his swanky new apartment in Toronto. I won't lie, and I've never made any secret of it, I was glad to lose his futon that had taken up space in my living room. It didn't work with any of my “decor” (admittedly, it's much different than the boy's tastes), it was too big and ended up just becoming another piece of furniture that I had to vacuum cat fur off of constantly.

Saturday was spent deconstructing the couch, his desk, and getting all his stuff down into the foyer which I emptied out for him, so on Sunay we could slide everything into the back of the moving van and drive to Toronto without missing our one hour service elevator envelope. We moved like ninjas, quickly, and efficiently. Because of the time we spent the day before getting everything ready and prepared to carry out, there was minimal chaos, even with the snow and the cold.

Monday night I did a little bit of rearranging of my living room and I have to say I feel so much more comfortable in it, just getting that big futon out of here. What I do miss is having the boy around everyday, but I understand that work calls and commuting to Toronto from St. Catharines would not have been an option. At the least we'll always have weekends.

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