Kitchen update

I’ve been spending a few hours out of each day that I’m off for the Holidays on my kitchen. After weeks of indecision, I’ve finally settled on keeping things simple and using white paint to neutralize most of the awfulness.

Hopefully, the new laminate floors will also go down sometime this week.  It’s looking better, but I still hate those cabinets. I know the old owner was a big recycler, she must have recycled these from an ugly old apartment. Recycling is admirable, so I’m torn whether this ugliness is a good thing or not.  Unfortunately, this is just a paint and floor deal. Changing cabinets and countertops are not in the current plan.

Superman Returns

I just finished watching Superman Returns, taking advantage for once, of View on Demand. It’s a movie I’ve never seen before, that I’ve always felt that I should see but have somehow slipped through the cracks. And now I did and I’m pleasantly pleased. Like any superhero movie, I go into them with a little bit of trepidation, knowing full well it could be cheesy and bad like Fantastic Four. I was never a big Superman comic book fan. The character in general never appealed to me. But I was a big fan of the Christopher Reeve movies when I was growing up, and I enjoyed Lois and Clark from time to time. I never got into Smallville… never really cared, honestly. The whole Superboy thing always struck me as lame.

But Superman Returns revived Christopher Reeve’s Superman in a really good way. It didn’t try to reinvent anything, it was a Superman movie, but it did put a nice contemporary spin on the age old story. I consider the movie a chick flick honestly. Lois Lane isn’t ridiculously hot and unapproachable, nor does she know martial arts or come up with snappy one-liners. She’s not seductive and cool, she’s just a normal woman that a lot of women can relate to and vicariously we fall in love with Superman as he literally sweeps her off her feet.

The other elements of this movie fit perectly, I think. Kevin Spacey was an awesome Lex Luthor, I think. It was very much an homage to Gene Hackman’s Luthor, except less cartoony and a lot more dark. His Miss Teschemacher type sidekick, played by Parker Posey, was all sorts of boring though. Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane was passable, but I think the role deserved a better actress, in my opinion.

I think what I liked best was just the modernization of the special effects. It makes Superman and his world believable. That first Superman action sequence was just neat, all i can do is sit here and fan-girl gush about it.

The concept about a flying man in blue and red tights seems pretty dated, particularly in an age where people like their superheroes to be less straightforward do-gooder type. But I think entertainment still needs Superman and throughout the years they always manage to make it work.

Every day

Every day you learn something new. And if you don’t, you need to get out and find something to learn.  Today, Wikipedia taught me that in “456 BCE: Aeschylus, a Greek playwright, was killed when an eagle dropped a live tortoise on him, mistaking his bald head for a stone. The tortoise survived.”


I’m about to go shopping for cat food and people food. As well, I want a fancy Starbucks coffee. The mall might be nuts. Wish me luck!

Holiday Blues

I wish I had bought some juice while I was at the grocery store earlier. I have a couple of bags full of yummy holiday treats, but along the way, I forgot to bring stuff that was necessary for tonight’s comfort.  I’m going to admit right now, I’m not having a great holiday so far. I’m at a point where I’m even beginning to resent it a little.  But you know, it’s Christmas… it’s tradition. Family gets together, we eat lots, we sing christmas karaoke, and the kids open presents.  It’s getting to all that that is just really wearing on me. Maybe I shouldn’t do so many things last minute maybe.

I hope everyone else is having a better holiday so far.

That’s a lot of snow

Every year I hate my parka because it makes me look like a shapeless marshmallow. But every year, I’m thankful I have it because it keeps me warm and dry. Case in point, today, being what some are calling “snowmeggadon”. We’re expecting 20 cm of snow in the region. On top of that, it’s really windy and it’s freaking cold.  But even though I took the bus, I still had a few blocks of walking to do, and the parka didn’t fail me.

I really hope that this snow storm doesn’t ruin my weekend plans.

Happy snow day, all!

I’m all Holiday spirit and stuff. I put this wreath together out of stuff I found at the mall. This little straw owl rules.