Nothing, really

The boy came by this weekend and we did things that boys and girls usually end up doing in bed. That is, watch Metalocalypse and eat pizza. Sometimes I think we’re the best couple ever.

This is a weekend where I totally feel like being unsexy and lazy. I think it’s cool that he can tease me about not shaving my legs and I can listen to his snoring fondly. There are times that we both wish that we were out more doing social things, but honestly, I’m just going to go ahead and blame the weather on that. Oh, and this little self imposed financial diet that I’m on. Which honestly, I’m realizing I’m not being very good with. To date, I’m about $300 on my self-payment schedule, so I’m going to have to make that up somehow.

We went for lunch at the London Arms at the mall today. This always seems like news to me, but I’m so bad with liquor. One Keiths put me out on the ride back home.

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