3 km

So I’ve been back at the YMCA a little bit more frequently now. Frequent meaning more than 0 times per month. Actually, I’ve managed to get up earlier at least twice a week for the past two weeks to work out. I started out running 1km on the indoor track. This morning, I aimed for 2km and hit 3km. I’d be glowing with pride right about now if i didn’t feel so sleepy. But at least this is good for me. If I put myself in a good physical state, I will (and have) survive anything. I just need to keep telling myself that when I’d rather be under my duvet.

My camera broke a few months ago. It just refuses to give me an image. I can get it fixed, but it was probably time I upgraded anyway. I thought about getting an SLR and decided it was too expensive and I really don’t want to be lugging one of those around when I go places. I thought about getting a compact camera, but I wanted something with a bit more control. So I’m just getting an upgraded version of my Canon A70. I’ve been looking at the A570 IS.
I’m probably going to check out Future Shop tonight. I wouldn’t mind giving her a try this weekend.

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