So I’m sitting in a Starbucks and nothing interesting is happening. I got the first viewing on my house today so that’s a little exciting for me. I’ve done all the necessary polishing, scrubbing, vaccuuming, etcetera. I’ve been burning the Body Shop’s Sandalwood and Fireplace oils to give the place a gentle rustic scent. I just made sure everything was in place before I grabbed my laptop in my spiffy new power red non-leather laptop case and left in my cute little green Yaris. Because I know that when it comes to selling your house, it’s best that the owner and family isn’t in the home when the place is being shown. It just makes the clients feel a little more comfortable.

I don’t know how to currently define myself. I’ve long since stopped thinking of this house as my home. I go back and forth between here, my parents and my boyfriend’s and I’m not really minding it. I feel like I’m between corporate and bohemian. Transitioning is weird.

Hmm. I kinda want to go shopping now. Off to the mall I go.

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