A winner is me

I’ve returned, victorious from the battle, and I’ve brought back a sammich.

I took these pics just an hour ago. My hands need serious moisturizing, and though I have not totally reorganized the kitchen, at the least things aren’t being stored on the floor any longer.

kitchen and lychees

3 hours later…

kitchen and lycheeskitchen and lycheeskitchen and lychees

kitchen and lychees

kitchen and lychees

… and a close up of the Anne Taintor floursack tea towel my boy bought for me. It works so nicely in my craptacular kitchen.

You'll eat it and like it

Like I said, the kitchen is small, and right now still has a few of the boy’s furniture and appliances (namely his kitchen island and the counter top dish washer). I may replace the island when he moves out with it, and hopefully it’ll work better with less stuff on it (some of that crap is his, too). The kitchen itself, I absolutely hate, and when I get enough saved up, I’m at least refinishing the cupboards, replacing the laminate floor (or even tile it) and replacing the ugly countertop. Oh and that shitty wallpaper border will be torn down too. So, while I’m not happy with the overall look of that kitchen, the least I can do is keep it neat.

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