All I want for Christmas Part 1

It would be nice if I could be the smug, self righteous boho I sometimes wish I could be, but deep down, we all know I can be a materialistic hag and potential gadget freak too. Unfortunately, I like having *things*. These Things will be my downfall, I'm sure.

Since all I can do is wish and look, I'm documenting my wish list, one item a day until Christmas. Most of these, I'll probably own by the end of the year. /sigh

#1 The Canon PowerShot SD800 IS

canon sd800 digital elph

I have a camera.. a 3.0mp Canon A70, which was awesome for me at the time I bought it. I have it with me right now, weighing down my messenger bag. But when I bought it, I knew that digital photography was still pretty young and that there would be bigger and better… well, maybe tinier… gadgets soon. I go back and forth between wanting a digital SLR or a really smart and compact point and click. The point and click won, because it'd be something I can always carry around. Digital image stabilization is also sexy for when I take wild, death-defying action shots of my cats.

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