I'm just a touch sad tonight, though not useless emo mega-depressed sad or anything like that. The weather is turning just a little bit, and though I've done a bit to the house, I don't feel like I've followed through on a lot of my big plans. I was supposed to have a lot done this year, and honestly, it doesn't feel complete. My back yard was a spectacular failure. I have so much respect for gardeners and the time they give themselves to spend working on their yards. I honestly think that gardeners will save the world, at least in their small ways. Me, I've killed ferns and sunflowers and couldn't even grow grass. I don't know what to do with plants. Or maybe i simply just don't have the patience to do it.

I am happy about one thing. I finished the Terry Fox Run yesterday morning and I wasn't suffering near the end. That is not bad for having only started running on the track at the YMCA for a month. I guess biking to work every day this year really helped put me in shape. Mind you, I wasn't able to run the entire 5km, but I did a lot better than I thought. So, I'm not completely out of shape, and that's a small success.

I'm pretty tired today. But I have the stairs to finish painting, and I have an entire main floor to clean up. I want to curl up with the kitties, drink beer and watch TV. I know if i procrastinate on that tonight, I'll procrastinate on it all week. If I can finish it, I can put away all the paint supplies and tools and just rest for a while.

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