baby snobs

Angelina Jolie you’re a hypocrite. That’s right, I said it. I love you in movies, and I think you’re beautiful, and to some extent, I respect what you stand for. But you’re travelling to these exotic places, picking out exotic babies that make it seem more like a purse collection. There are thousands of children in your home country that are born in absolute poverty, that need the intervention of a millionaire celebrity godmother, children that will grow up hopeless, on the street or worse. Yes, it happens in America. I don’t think it’s the need to have children that drives you, Ms. Jolie, rather than the need to have international rescues to add to your repertoire. Saint Angelina indeed.

And all the trend followers of adopting children from whatever 3rd world nation is most fashionable of the week, this rant calls you out too.

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