back in black?

Sometimes I think spending time away from home is like living another life completely. I come back here, back to work, back to my house and it's a little piece of reality. I enjoy being home, being with my cats, working on my house… but it's nice to have my mini 'getaways' when I visit the boy on weekends.

I wanted to hook up with some old friends again. I've been meaning to for months now.. for years even.. .but there were always silly excuses on my part. Friday, I finally got a chance to see everyone again at 's birthday event. It was awesome in a very nostalgiac way. I've compared the feeling to being like Rip Van Winkle. I've been a little sedentary in my social life and life in general for years. Not that I have any regrets of how I spent my time… except for all the time I spent in WoW maybe. I got a chance to see everyone again and everyone seemed to have changed in different ways while still staying the same in the most important ways. It's a little hard to explain without overanalyzing the situation. All I will say was that it was nice to come back to it all.

The rest of the weekend was spent computer-less and hanging out with the boy and his mother (and sometimes his brother). We got a chance to go shopping a long the Danforth, which is always fun, especially when I get to be a kitchen gadget geek at IQ Living. Hmmm… this just reminded me that I left two packages of tempeh in the boyfriend's fridge. At least I won't have to worry about the tempeh being eaten, but I would have liked to have had it this week. Tempeh is a little hard to come by around here. :p Also added to the (reusable) shopping bag was some organic face moisturizer, two bottles of hot sauce from a store that says it has the largest collection of hot sauce in Toronto, and .. ahem… reusable feminine sanitary napkins. Maybe I'm going to far with the trying to be green? Don't ask.

In any case, it's much more fun to be in Toronto. I like the shopping, I like being close to friends, I like the restaurants, I like the condos and the houses, I like the lights, I like the tall buildings and I like the neighbourhoods. I'm not liking the TTC or the traffic or the homeless people so much, but it's all part of the urban experience, I think.

I'm back at home now. I left half a grande cup of Starbuck's white chocolate mocha on my dining table from last Thursday. Returning to a curdled, gooey grossness isn't my idea of a home coming. So I have a lot of stuff to do tonight.

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