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Iranians hate 300, what?

Small reminder for people who get politically worked up about (not-so-big-budget) hollywood eye-candy flicks:

point 1: Ancient day Persians are not equal to modern day Iranians.

point 2: Ancient day Spartans and Grecians are definitely not equal to modern day Americans.

point 3: you’re right, there probably weren’t millions of Persians at the Battle of Thermopylae, but neither were there just 300 greeks, and chances are Xerxes didn’t look like a polished, bronze, pierced statue, just as it was unlikely that the Spartans went into this battle clad just in leather shorts (though I have read that Spartans did go into battle naked at times).

It’s a movie about half nekkid, super cut Italians with Scottish accents hacking through over-costumed and heavily made up sword-wielding stunt dudes led by an 8 foot tall body-mod afficianado with a Brazilian accent. How seriously do you want to take this as historical accuracy or propaganda even?

In fact, dare i say that the Persian Empire depicted in 300 has more in common with modern Superpower Americans, steam rolling smaller, poorer countries for the promise of easy access to oil? Hrmmmmmmmmmmmmm? (I’m being tongue-and-cheek here, I don’t necessarily share this view about most Americans)

Now for the sexy eye candy:

This is so not George W. Bush
Come and get them!

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