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Sketchbook – Reddit Keeps Getting Drawn

I’m having a small flare-up of carpal tunnel syndrome, and a mild dip in inspiration/motivation for a little bit there.  I’ve still found some time to draw before being completely burned out.  Also, catching up with “The Walking Dead” and taking in “The Crown” on Netflix has eaten up a bit of my spare time.  Does this mean we’ll be seeing more British Royalty fan art popping up in the near future? Aside from an Anne Boleyn piece I’ve put aside months ago, not bloody likely.

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Switching Blogs

Update to this post: Tumblr and the logistics of setting up a tumblr blog is already driving me crazy.  So everything will remain as it is on this end, however, I will still be using Tumblr more to post WIPs and random stuff.

In the next few days, I’ll be setting up my tumblr to be my main blog.

You can find it at http://blackdaisies.tumblr.com (will change this to a subdomain later)

Blackdaisies.com will still continue to serve as my gallery, and I may blog major updates here.  The reason I’m making a switch is 1) it’s easier overall to post 2) I may be more inclined to micro-blog there 3) I already have about 100 or so followers there.

I know tumblr format will eventually drive me crazy, but I’ll see how it goes.

In the mean time, I will still be active on all my other social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well.