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About a couple of months ago, I dropped my cellphone. Oh no, the humanity, I know. I dropped it on cold, hard sidewalk concrete. Now this phone has been dropped a lot, on carpet, hardwood, and/or grass, but concrete was something it just couldn’t deal with at all. I noticed right away a piece of plastic on the joint of the display screen had cracked right off, leaving stuff underneath it exposed (excuse me if I don’t know the proper terminology for cellphone anatomy).

But it still worked. And I went on, grumbling to myself about reasons why I do not have to go out and spend money on a new cellphone… because it still worked. My old phone was a Motorola Razr, a new-ish concept in phone design when it showed up at the mall i was shopping up at the time. So that makes it about three years old, I guess. However, the phone didn’t last for much longer. About a week ago, it stopped working. Rather, the display stopped working. So I could access the phone itself, make calls, receive calls… but I’d be doing it blind.

Wow. I just realized how lame that last paragraph sounded as I’m typing it out. How the heck did people with rotary phones do it? Do you remember rotary phones? I DO! I’M THAT OLD!

In any case, I wanted a new phone. Today, using the Best Buy gift cards I got for my birthday, plus a little extra from me, I got myself a new Red Moto Krzr K1, because I liked them. I’d be inclined to hate them actually just for their shitty Matrix wanna-be ads plastered all over the Toronto subways and everywhere else, but for once I’m going to see past that. I much prefer the wannabe martial artist in goth-rave gear to the incredibly ugly, lame and unfunny beaver mascots Bell had decided to use to pimp their products. I also know some people have had problems with the Razr line in general, but it’s all about the ergonomics of the buttons for me. I’m also a fan of flip phones… I don’t like exposed keys because my daily messenger bag could be a pretty harsh environment.

It’s a bit of retail therapy I badly needed after these shitty first weeks of the New Year.. it’s a toy.. but it’s a necessary toy. I’ve grown to like the convenience of having a cellphone, so for now the expense was worth it.

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