Children of Men

Last night, the boy and some friends went to check out “Children of Men“. It was a great movie, I thought. I had to admit, the story was bleak for me, and I came out of it a little depressed though. I can see how society, individuals and government would react to a very frightening near-future catastrophe, that being a world-wide onslaught of inexplicable infertility. It’s not a nuclear war, not a biological attack, not alien invasion or the rise of a totalitarian regime, but it’s frightening nonetheless. It was interesting how religion was brought into this story and how the mother is portrayed as an innocent saint or Virgin Mary figure, and how the story’s hero never picks up a gun (something the boy pointed out). I admit to being an eye candy whore when it comes to movies. Here the style and visuals were great, though there were some key special effects that kind of popped me out of the movie. Working with CG, I could usually pick stuff out, and at times it’s pretty impressive, but at some points I would doubt it’s “realism”.

I love how creative minds are coming up with new and interesting ways to destroy mankind. This was neat, but I think if i had a choice for my apocalypse, I’d want it to be by dragons.

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