Christmas Wishlist

#7 iPod Video


Seriously, not like I need another portable gadget. On any given day, I'll have my camera, my Nintendo DS, my iPod Nano, my cell phone on hand, and if I really want to watch movies, I have my portable panasonic DvD player. I'm not hurting for toys. It's definitely not like I find myself stuck in places inconvenient to movie watching. Still, this would be a neat toy. Johnny Depp in his Jack Sparrow costume would be a bonus.

Oh heck, I want this probably equally as much:

Zune Mp3 player


It's already got compatibility with the Vista, it's got pretty much everything the iPod video has, plus it has the ability to share pictures and music through WiFi. That sounds pretty nifty. The only reason I wouldn't have thought of this first is because it's new technology, it's a bit bigger than the iPod and it will probably be released with a new redesign sometime in the future. As it stands right now, I'm not digging on it's looks, though that screen seems nice. And brown? Seriously, wtf.

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