City cycling

I took my bike out to Toronto for the first time ever. I don’t know why I hadn’t before… I guess there were too many excuses ranging from the weather being bad or me needing to carry a lot of stuff. This weekend, I went to visit the boy. I stuffed my bike under the Coach Canada bus and once we got to Toronto, I rode off on it instead of taking the subway.

I visited my old neighbourhood around the Carlton and Sherbourne area, and then rode through Cabbagetown where I also used to live. It was neat, but somehow, the experience wasn’t as novel as I thought it would be. Riding downtown didn’t feel dangerous at all. I wasn’t threatened by door prizes or speeding SUVs. The worse I got was some drizzle and the awful conditions of the road. Riding to my boyfriend’s apartment took about half an hour and it was a lot more fun than taking the subway.

I rode back to the bus terminal on Monday morning to catch my bus back in. Again, it didn’t seem like a big deal. Taking the subway in the morning as everyone’s piling on board for work has always been depressing. The immobility and the lack of air makes you sleepy. No one looks happy. Everyone is either tired, or simply looks depressed, and I don’t blame them. There is something to be said about personal transportation. In my case, I have a bike, which is more than ideal for me right now.

Honestly though, I think I wouldn’t mind at all if I never had to use the subway to commute ever again.

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