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Time's Person of the Year is me, go me!

It's a pretty smooth gimmick if you ask me, but the article makes total sense. I know more about the world, and I learn things first through the www than I do through television nowadays. Unfortunately, I grew up in the T.V. era and wasn't really introduced to the internets until early college (circa 1993). In the present day, my 3 year old nephew already knows how to download game demos, filling in passwords and bypassing popups and warnings. I got into the internet playing Doom, and was fascinated by online chat (my first ever net handle was “Treefrog”). Oh yes, I giggled with friends when we did searches for “dolphin zoophiles” at school. Webcrawler intrigued me.

Before long, I had an ugly website through my ISP. Before much longer, I had an online diary, and a domain. I'm not sure what came first, but first went online in February of 2000. My domain got a lot of hits, and people liked my artwork, which in turn continued to inspire me to create more. I think, no matter what people say, people tend to want attention and get good reactions, and I admit, I'm no different. So I drew pictures, and I wrote about my mundane life. I met a lot of people through here. I became closer friends with a lot of people I already knew. They pointed me out to scores of interesting links which got me interested in many different things. E-mail and instant messaging kept me in touch with people who were far away. What the heck did I need a telephone for? 6 o'clock news? Why wait until 6, I heard all about it through Yahoo, first.

Seriously, who actually sits down after a long day at work and says, I'm not going to watch Lost tonight. I'm going to turn on my computer and make a movie starring my pet iguana?

Sitcoms and CNN don't really cut it anymore. You have so much amateur entertainment accessible to us, which tell us a lot more about the lives of ordinary people than carefully propped and decorated soundstages do. I'm more intrigued by the life of Joe Q. Blogger than I am in Oprah's deep thought of the day. The internet allows real and ordinary people to get up and say what they need to say, even if it's just boring drivel like the crap I spew everyday.

I've always thought the net was expanding like some kind of crazy organism, and it'll only get crazier the more proficient we become at it. It's kinda fun being part of it all.

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