Cyclist vs. motorist… no winners

Like everyone else pretty much, I’ve been following the story of former attorney-general Michael Bryant’s arrest in the incident between him and a cyclist which left the cyclist dead. This story is particularly interesting because of the two men involved. Both from different ends of the social spectrum.

I’m a cyclist, and now I’m also a motorist. I don’t think that diminishes the fact that I’ve spent pretty much 4 years getting by with just my two bikes. I still get around by bike when I can.  I’m still pretty much aware that all it takes is a driver who isn’t paying attention to simply kill me.  I certainly have been known to swear loudly at drivers who pass too close. I’ve never clung on to someone’s passenger side door, though.

As a cyclist, I currently cannot feel sympathetic to what either of these men were going through during the altercation. I can only feel sorry that one person ended up dead and that person had friends and family that will miss him. I’m also wondering to some extent if he brought it on himself. I’m not going to join in the throng of cyclist protesters that are yelling out “murder” until more facts come to light.

If you ride, respect all the rules of the road… even if you don’t follow them all, respect why they are there.  If you drive, for God’s sake keep your eyes open.  I hate to see anyone hurt because of things that can be avoided.

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