Dang, I'm not on the list, but I wish I were…

Heroes came back last night. I'm not usually a TV person, except for the occasional Law and Order: OMGWTFBBQ. I just leave the channel on HGTV and the Food Network for the most part, and I admit there are a few shows that I love there. I dislike a lot of new dramas and sci fi shows, so I seldom bother with the lot. I make an exception for Heroes though. That's the comic book geek in me.

I want to have super powers. Who doesn't, really? The best I can do is be the best me I can be, and one of the ways to get on that road is to join the gym. After thinking about it for weeks, debating whether I could get a decent workout at home, or if a gym would motivate me better, I walked down to the YMCA and picked up a membership.

This morning was the first time I went. In fact, it's the first time in over two years that I've worked out at all. I totally skipped physiotherapy after being hospitalized (see kids, WoW can be bad for you!), and I've been making excuses as to why I shouldn't work out. I did a few stretches, reminding myself and my body how much I missed yoga, and got right on the track. The total score for today was 2 kilometers, in about 15 min.

I'm not going to stress myself out right off the bat. I'm going to ease into the whole workout routine. After all, getting my ass out of bed before 7:30 is just not cool, not cool at all. But it'll be worth it if I can get back into shape in a few months. I'm planning on working out every two days, and see how it goes from there.

Right now, I feel pretty good. Who needs superpowers anyway. :p

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