dear diary…

The nutshell version:

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl are co-workers and occasional drinking buddies. Girl and boy both break up with their respective s/o's. Boy and girl start sleeping together. Boy confesses to girl he's had a crush on her for two years. Girl starts to have feelings for boy. The whole affair is a secret. And things get a little strange after that.

Sometimes it's a really good kind of strange. But his breakup was a lot more recent than mine, so right now he's in a place where he's not ready to commit to too much. Maybe I'm not in that place either, but I've suggested here before that it's really easy for me to fall, and sometimes that's where the bad kind of strange comes in. I understand him. I'm not going to pressure him at all, because I think what we both need is a lot of time and patience. But in the end, yes I want it to work.

I'm probably being more emotional than I need to be. This cold has seriously knocked me on my ass.

Hmm, oh well.

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