Last night we went to see Dethklok and it was the most brutal show ever!

The entire evening was pretty neat. I took off from work early so I can catch a bus and be in Toronto by 5pm. The boy was running late, so I had about an hour to hang out in front of Union Station. It was a great day, the sun was out and it was neither too hot nor humid.  I ate a street vendor veggie dog… no corn relish. I should have gone to the vendor that had corn relish.

In any case, there was a guy feeding the birds. I find it fascinating how birds seem to have crumb detection from crazy high altitudes and from behind buildings. A little girl in a pink dress started chasing the birds around in a gleeful bout of cuteness. A hippy-ish ragged looking guy walking by gave a random pretty girl on cell phone a blue silk rose then simply walked away, which I thought was really sweet. A group of goth kids started waving to a bunch of bored tourists on a double decker, then shouted DETHKLOK RULES! And that made my day up to that point right there.

We had a nice dinner at the Mill St. Pub in the Distillery District. I was fascinated with the area. I worked in the neighbourhood about ten years ago, and it never looked like this. After that, we walked over the Koolhaus.   I managed to plead to security for the survival of my homemade cookies (made from scratch the night before!) She OK’ed them when I finally told her it was homemade and I had come straight from St. Catharines and had nowhere to stash them.   Yay for being whiny!

Dethklok was so much fun! Being that it is a fictional animated band, you’re not really supposed to take them and the music seriously. But me and the boy love the music and there was so much energy and enthusiasm from the audience.  The live performance along side of big screens showing Dethklok videos was just brilliant.

Today, I’m tired and sore. Doing yoga the night before, getting to bed at 3am because I’ve been playing Sims 2, and then being on my feet pretty much all night last night would do that to me. I got up really early because the boy had to catch a flight to Nashville for NAMM, which his job is sending him too. He’s in the air right now. I’m on his macbook (/gasp!) typing this post out.  In the next hour, I’m going to head over to Mississauga to visit my family.

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