Posting quickly while my computer is otherwise occupied…

The Conservative leader in Ontario, John Tory, wants to fund faith based education in Ontario. To get right to the point, in my opinion, this is bullshit. I just fail to see how segregating kids could be a good thing. The idea to me just seems incredibly preposterous, and yes I am 100% in favour of no religious institutions receiving government money, and this includes Catholic schools. I was raised in a Catholic School environment, and there were so many things I regret about my early years. I wish I was exposed to more cultures, more people, more ways of thinking. And the students in my school had issues too… segregated religious education did little to curb those “issues”. College was a refreshing change of pace when we didn't have to stand for prayer at the beginning of every day, but why do we have to wait that long until we experience different cultures and ways of thinkings.

So, yeah, I vote: bad idea. I was sooooooo close to being able to respect the Conservative leadership in Canada, but Tory just set it back with this idiocy.

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