Fall Cleaning, Part One

I set today aside to clean up the basement somewhat. I only do this maybe once or twice a year. To think of it, I really should do it more often, just for the zen of the house altogether. It is, after all, my home's foundation, and should really receive a little more attention than what I give it now.

I boxed up all the old paint cans down there, so they'll be ready to take to the hazardous waste dump. I also junked a bunch of miscellaneous old crap, including some… ahem… “writing” from my more emo-centric, gothier-than-thou phase that occured sometime during late highschool through college. (Seriously did I really write that crap? God, how lame was I!) I had no problems getting rid of all my semi-nekkid black and white photocopies of Trent Reznor and lame ass artwork. I rediscovered some fun things though, like old photographs, sketchbooks and a few boxes of comic books.

Anyway, after vacuuming up layers of cat fur, endangered species of spiders and other miscellaneous particles, I will now jump into the shower and clean myself up. After that I will consume a generous bowl of the mushroom stew I cooked up in my Crock Pot. I've been smelling it simmering all day and it's making my tummy growl.

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