First May weekend

This past weekend was mostly about entertaining the boyfriend’s Mom, who had come down to TO from Sudbury for a visit. The first stop was the Royal Ontario Museum, which was awesome, because if she didn’t drag my boyfriend out, then I would have had to and I don’t have quite the leverage that she does. I have to be honest… I love the ROM. I am vastly interested in just about everything and I couldn’t ask for much more than having so much history under one roof to spend one afternoon with.

We spent an evening with food and wine, and more food. When boyfriend’s mom went to bed, we settled in for a night of GTA4. Unfortunately the boy didn’t get too far as about midnight there seemed to have been some kind of huge explosion outside which took the power out right down the block. The initial explosion was pretty nuts, but seeing absolutely no lights in the buildings in the complex, except for candles and flash lights, was also sort o weird and scary. The blackout lasted probably about 3 or 4 hours. No GTA4 that night.

Sunday was spent taking a stroll down the Danforth, starting from our favourite crepe place and just slowly heading eastward. I took home a fashionable aluminum water bottle by Sigg from IQ Living. I mostly bought consumables from various places like tempeh and Tofurky kielbasa from the Big Carrot, gourmet jellybeans from some candy shop, chipotle hot sauce and garlic grapeseed oil from a place that just sells hot sauce. I sliced up the Tofurky kielbasa for a late snack just a few hours ago, and I was pretty happy with it.

To end off the night, we dropped the boy’s mom off at his brother’s and took off to catch Iron Man. And that ruled. I’m such a Marvel comic book nerd, and I loved everything about the movie. I feel like unearthing my old Avengers comics and reaquainting myself with Iron Man.

Old school Iron Man:

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