Gadget Want!

blackberry9550 So I’ve wanted a smartphone for quite some time, and I’ve kind of held off on it because it wasn’t really necessary for me.  However, with new things coming up, the need for a smartphone has once again reared it’s head and I figured I may as well not settle and wait for the one that I want.  So hello there Blackberry Storm 9550!  This is the worthy successor of the original Blackberry Storm 9530, and along with the fact that it’s a Blackberry it’s also got a lot of features that will make it fun and useful. I like the idea of the touchscreen, being able to cart around and display photos as well as a bunch of useful apps… I really can’t wait until I see this phone in action.

I have debated to myself whether or not to get this or an iPhone, but the BB (either this or the Bold 9700) has won out in the end because of it’s business capabilities and it’s overall BB-ness.  Hopefully the Storm will come out for Canada soonish. I’m betting by the end of the month. After which I’ll no longer have to lug around my laptop just to check my e-mail.  I’m excited. I love new toys!

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